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It is becoming increasing clear that new media is not replacing old media (ie. print). Instead, new media is offering new possibilities for old media in terms of efficiency, transparency and responsiveness.

Experts believe that print continues to be the cornerstone of how communication is published and shared. They recognise though that there is an essential change in the way that platforms are packaged.

Print, in its traditional forms, is now forced to compete with incredibly sophisticated and complex marketing channels. And yet print has shown itself to be an enduring medium, often converting much better than online forms.

Although there has been some decline in news print, with many publications moving online, marketers across the world are actually finding that the return on investment offered by print remains significant. In order to maintain their effectiveness, print marketers have assumed a more targeted, integrated and data-driven approach to print publications.

In fact, results of a survey recently undertaken by Oracle show that 70% of marketers use print to direct their audiences to digital content. The same study showed that 46% of marketers perceive print as essential for garnering interest in their digital or mobile content and campaigns.

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