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Print Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Print marketing is a strategy in which marketers select their target demographic and place print advertisements in places where they will be seen, heard, or engaged with. In our opinion It’s even more important that the marketing campaigns of small businesses stand out. But according to Marketing tool central many small businesses do not have […]

Places to share your flyers

Flyers are a cost-effective marketing tool for many businesses. A bonus is also that because they are so affordable, they are an opportunity for some wonderfully creative designs. According to experts in order to achieve the greatest returns and best results from a flyer, it is useful to share them in unique places. Most businesses […]

The future of Print in a digital world

It is becoming increasing clear that new media is not replacing old media (ie. print). Instead, new media is offering new possibilities for old media in terms of efficiency, transparency and responsiveness. Experts believe that print continues to be the cornerstone of how communication is published and shared. They recognise though that there is an […]